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Mission Plan: February 2nd, 2017


Hello again!

Great work, all. Thanks to this wiki’s efforts, we have an awesome Longest Night article up and running and ready to read. Take a look at that if it pleases you. Feel free to make your own edits as you see fit.

mobile.css Help

With that great news out of the way, it’s time to do a bit of housekeeping. A current priority of this wiki is to get a mobile.css going for mobile wiki readers. If you have experience with CSS and want to help out, go ahead and join our Discord, or follow this link to the Gamepedia Slack application page. When filling out the application, say you’d like to help with the Night in the Woods Wiki, and we’ll get you set up right quick.

A Little Law, A Little Order

Now that that’s settled, it’s time to iron out this Mission Plan with a few notes about this wiki’s style and general editing practices for the future. Now this wiki does not quite yet have a uniform method of presenting and organizing its articles, as we’re still trying to discover what does and does not work for us. That said, here are a few guidelines to follow going forward.

  • When listing the names of the main characters, always follow this order: Mae, Bea, Gregg, Angus, Germ.
  • Internal links, like this one, should always be capitalized according to proper grammar rules, except when referring to a specific aspect of the game. For example, the following two sentences use correct internal link capitalization: “Night in the Woods has many locations to explore.” “One of those locations is Snack Falcon.”
  • All articles, barring lists, should have at least one image included in them in order to help provide context and to better explain the subject matter.
  • Make sure all articles that are stubs are marked as such.

As with before, if you’re uncertain how to follow one of these guidelines, view the General Help Wiki, and you will have your question answered in no time.

Thanks for reading!

Addendum: NITW Font

When working with template headers and gallery captions, make sure you use Template:NITW Font.

Mission Plan: January 16th, 2017


Hello everyone!

I'm happy to say that this wiki is ready to go for a good, old fashioned makeover. With a little love and a little time, we can make this wiki a fine resource for anyone's Night in the Woods-related needs.

The Plan

First things first, let's get the obvious out of the way, and say that seeing as this game is not yet out, there's not much to write about. However, that doesn't mean we can't tidy up what we already have.

A few kind administrators from The Before Times™ have already set up some pages on our main Characters, as well a page for the town of Possum Springs.

They've also made some suggestions for future content, including Game Guides, The Story. They also also made a dedicated Fan Art page, which you can submit your own artwork to if you're feeling bold enough. Just make sure you credit yourself and link to an original source.

Indeed, you can soup up any of these pages to your heart's content.

There are also a few pages that could stand to be added right now, including Locations such as Donut Wolf and Snack Falcon. Let's not forget pages for the Supplemental Games, Longest Night and Lost Constellation either. Lost Constellation in particular could use its own character pages, guides, and location pages.

A Little Help

With all these ideas on how to improve the wiki laid out, it might seem a little overwhelming. However, there are plenty of resources available to help anyone get better acquainted with this wonderful game.

  • A fine and dandy demo video of the game is available here, which should give anyone interested insight on the inner workings of the characters before the game is officially released...

Anyone who wants to help out is encouraged to join the Night in the Woods Discord. Over there you can chat about the game and share your thoughts on how to make this the wiki the very best that it can be.


Before I sign off, let's wrap this up with some questions I'm going to pretend you asked me.

How do I do X? Or Y? Or Z?

Any basic wiki editing questions might just be answered over at the General Help Wiki.

How can I keep in touch?

For important wiki-related matters, use the Admin noticeboard. You can message me personally on My User Page. Feel free to message me on Discord as well. I'm not shy!

What sort of tone are you looking for in the writing?

That is a question I can not answer, as this wiki is still quite new. However, general wiki guidelines and a common sense approach to content will apply. A style will become apparent with time, as this wiki begins to take shape.

To give off a casual air, are you going make the last question a joke?

Yes. Did you hear about the Lego that worked construction? They say he was really built for the job.

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